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Smart Home Planning


If you are building a new home or considering any scale of renovation of your home, Alarm Depot can assist you in planning for the installation of your security system.



Alarm Depot provides pre-wiring for new construction, and we are able to achieve significant savings in installation costs as a consequence. Be prepared for the future by having your new residence completely wired for a computer network, surround sound/home theater, telephone system, cable or satellite TV, and surveillance cameras as well.

Our structured wiring system is an innovative approach at concealing the mess of cables that lie beneath your sophisticated electronic systems and preventing the rise of any electrical impedance that may arise as a result.

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Just Need Monitoring?

Whether you have an existing system in need of monitoring or paying unreasonable rates with your current provider, we want your monitoring service! Our rates start as low as $16.66 per month*, which includes Police, Fire, and Medical response. Most importantly, we are so confident in our service that we won’t even tie you down to a long-term agreement. Just send us your information by filling out the Quick Quote form below, and we will contact you.


*This reduced rate is available only if paying the monitoring service annually. Annual customers are offered two months free for paying the year in advance, and this rate is applicable based on our basic monitoring rate of $20/month plus tax.

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